Peers Against Tobacco

Peers Against Tobacco (PAT) is a system-level, multi-component, coordinated tobacco prevention program for colleges and universities in the state of Texas.

The goal of the Peers Against Tobacco program is for students to be health leaders on campus, empowering members of the campus community to make well-informed decisions about their health and positively influence a healthy smoke-free campus culture.

PAT Ambassadors fulfill the program’s goal through receiving training in the foundations of public health, providing interactive and educational outreach activities such as presenting workshops to student groups, and developing and staffing tobacco-free initiatives that positively impact the campus health. PAT Ambassadors have the opportunity to learn about and act on a variety of health topics impacting college students:

  • Foundational topics in public health practice
  • Research and assessment
  • Campus health content areas: tobacco use and stress management
  • Public health leadership skills, including group facilitation and public speaking
  • Outreach and education

Tobacco Free Campus Program will pilot a series of bystander intervention campaigns to educate and enforce the tobacco-free policy. The purpose of this program is to evaluate the impact of the bystander intervention campaign and peer ambassador program as a form of policy enforcement.


The PAT Ambassador program accepts new applicants each semester. Applicants will complete a written application and may be selected for an interview. Applicants will be notified if they are accepted in advance of registration for the following semester.

Applications for Spring 2021 are open now. 

Want to apply? Contact us at (512) 232-1422 or 

Eliminate Tobacco

Did you know that...

Approximately 28,000 adults die of a smoking-attributable illness annually in Texas, which is more than the total deaths from AIDS, car accidents, and murder. Join our movement now and #EliminateTobacco. [Source: CDC 2016 BRFSS]

Smoking causes immediate damage to your body. Learn about many of the possible health consequences of smoking featured in CDC’s national tobacco education campaign, Tips From Former Smokers. [LINK: campaign/tips/index.html]

Smoking is a known cause of erectile dysfunction. Don’t let smoking interfere with your life, #EliminateTobacco.

Hesitate before buying your next pack, so you won’t hesitate before your next photo op. Smoking can cause gum disease, discoloration of teeth, and oral cancer. Save your smile, #EliminateTobacco on and off campus! [Source: CDC]

Ever heard of “Thirdhand smoke”? Research has proven that the residue of smoking can be absorbed through skin, ingested and inhaled! Keep in mind that smoking can affect you AND others around you. Let’s keep our campus healthy, clean and safe by continuing to #EliminateTobacco [Source: Washington Post]