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Eliminate Tobacco

text on savings by quitting cigarettes

The average smoker spends around $177 a WEEK on cigarettes? Let’s start SAVING those big bucks by eliminating #Tobacco on and off campus! [Source:]

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Think twice the next time you pick up your Juul. Or, think 20 times, since there’s 20 cigarettes’ worth of nicotine in a single Juul pod.

Smoking effect

Effect of Smoking

Smoking causes immediate damage to your body. Learn about many of the possible health consequences of smoking featured in CDC’s national tobacco education campaign, Tips From Former Smokers. [LINK:]

Effect of smoking

Got bad breath?

Got bad breath? Smoking can cause gum disease, discoloration of teeth, and oral cancer. Save your smile by eliminating #Tobacco on AND off campus! [Source: CDC] ]

Quitting smoking

Never too late to quit!

The chemicals in cigarettes and vapes are very harmful to your body, but your lungs begin to heal within weeks of quitting. It’s never too late to quit and improve your health

Health Fact about smoking

28,000 Texans die of a smoking attributable illness annually

Did you know? Approximately 28,000 adults die of a smoking-attributable illness annually in Texas, which is more than the total deaths from AIDS, car accidents, and murder. Join our movement now and #EliminateTobacco. [Source: CDC 2016 BRFSS]

Ready to Quit?

Text DITCHVAPE to 88709

Cessation resource

Text DITCHVAPE to 88709

Cessation resource