Student Cessation Resources

The Counseling and Mental Health Center (CMHC) offers Quitters, a free four-session tobacco cessation class. Students may call the Counseling and Mental Health Center at 512-471-3515 for more information to sign up.

University Health Services (UHS) provides a variety of web-based quit programs and information to assist students in living tobacco-free.

Students may make an appointment with a UHS medical provider if they are interested in discussing the use of prescription medication to assist in quitting tobacco by calling 512-471-4955 or scheduling an appointment online.

For all members of the campus community

QuitPal — This free interactive app developed by the National Cancer Institute provides tools to help those who want to be smoke-free using the latest evidence-based smoking cessation methods and behavior change theory.

Freedom from Smoking® Online Program — Evidenced based on-line program from the American Lung Association consisting of eight self-paced modules, each containing four lessons, and an interactive message board to assist you in quitting tobacco.

Become an Ex — The EX plan teaches you how to live life without cigarettes in 3 steps – all geared to help make the seemingly impossible possible.

Quit Tobacco-Make Everyone Proud — Online program from the Department of Defense for US military service members and Veterans.

My Last Dip — MyLastDip is a free Web-based intervention that is designed to help young smokeless tobacco users quit.

Kill the Can — This website offers free resources and tools to help dip, snuff, and chewing tobacco users quit. Along with useful information, it offers a support forum and a live quit chat room.

MedlinePlus® — Tobacco Cessation References

Enroll in Tobacco Research Studies

The Anxiety & Health Behaviors Lab offers free evidenced-based smoking cessation classes and nicotine replacement treatment (Nicoderm CQ®). This service is open to the community, including students, faculty and staff. Call 512-471-1117 or email for more information on how to enroll.